All of my blinds need to go on the outside of my windows. Do I need to just measure to the outside of my window frame? Do I need to add and extra inch or two or do you all do that for me?

I can't wait to get my samples! We close on our first house on the 11th of February.

I also need to know how long it takes to send me the blinds. Is it weeks or just days?
When measuring for an outside mount, if you have molding around your window frame, you need to determine if you want the molding completely covered or not. For complete instructions how to measure window blinds for an outside mount please review our measuring instructions.

This link will tell you exactly how to measure and what additional measurement to add. Just keep in mind that whatever measurement you order for an outside mount is exactly what size the blinds will measure. You will want the blinds or shades wider than your window opening for privacy.

Lead times vary based on the product. We have many window blinds and shades that are custom made in 1-3 days. Because all of our window coverings are custom, some of our window treatments take longer but most are shipped within a week.
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