Will translucent double cell honeycombed shades offer enough night time privacy for a ground floor bedroom that faces the street. Does the size of the cell effect privacy? Because the blinds will be up most of the day too, we would rather not blackout the sun entirely.
Yes all of our translucent honeycombed shades will provide privacy. A translucent shade will allow filtered light to pass through the window shades and also block the view through them.

The size of the honeycomb cell will not effect the privacy of the shades. The privacy is effected by the number of cells and the light control. Blackout cell shades will block more light and also give better privacy. With translucent shades, although they provide privacy there might be slight shadows when standing close to the window. Adding more cells adds an additional layer of fabric for added privacy.

Blinds Chalet carries a complete line of honeycombed shades ranging in different pleat sizes as well as both translucent shades and blackout shades. Shop online, get free shipping and save!
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