I was wondering if it is possible to have a blind made with a different color valance than the blinds? Also can you make blinds with different color slats?
Wood Blinds with Accent Valance
The only wood blinds that we can have different color slats or make the blinds with a different color valance and bottom rail than the blinds is our Limited Editions Wood Blinds. You select each color for the valance as well as the window blind slats.

Window blinds with alternating slat colors is called color striping blinds. With this feature you are able to select two different colors for the wood blind slats. Every other slat alternates colors giving the wood blinds a unique look.

Accent your wood blinds by using a different color valance and bottom rail than the slat color.

These options cannot be purchased through our website but if you contact a customer service representative we can add these features to your order. Order you color striped blinds today!
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