Do you have the 1" faux wood or 1" wood blinds with Routless Ladders - No Holes Privacy feature?
Unfortunately the routless or no holes privacy upgrade is not available on 1 inch wood blinds. Because the wood blind slats are so narrow we only offer the no holes privacy option on 2 inch blinds or 2 1/2 inch blinds.

Standard wood blinds come with route holes in the center of the blind slats. Through this hole runs the lift cords that raise and lower the blinds. Routless or no holes privacy have no route hole and instead the lift cords run along the back of the blind slats, usually in a small groove cut on the edge. The purpose is to eliminate the light that passes through the the route holes, adding privacy.

Another privacy upgrade on wood blinds is the Smart Privacy option. This is very similar to routless but the lift cords run through a small hole just larger than the cords at the edge of each window blind slat. This hole is covered when the blinds are tilted closed. The advantage to the Smart Privacy is with routless blinds, each blind slat can be removed from the blinds. This can be a problem with outside mount blinds as well as with small children or pets that may play with the blinds. With the Smart Privacy upgrade, the blinds remain in place.
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