How do I know whether to use inside our outside mount window blinds?
Window blinds and shades can be mounted either inside or outside the window frame. the most common and preferred method is to mount the blinds inside the window frame. This means the window blinds or shades are recessed or contained within the window frame.

Typically blinds are only mounted outside the window frame when there is not enough window frame depth to mount the shades or there is some sort of obstruction such as window cranks, alarm sensors, etc that would interfere with the window blinds. Occasionally blinds can be mounted in shallow windows and partially extend out of the window frame as long as there is room for mounting them. When a blind will not sit full recessed a custom valance can be made with short returns to cover the portion of the headrail and brackets thare are visible. Another reason to use outside mount blinds is for odd shaped windows where a rectangular blind will not fit such as an circle or octagon window.

Outside mount blinds are mounted on the wall above the window frame and extend past the edges of the window for proper coverage. Window treatments with valances typically have returns or sides to cover the sides of the headrail and the brackets.

The advantage of mounting blinds inside the window frame is both function an appeal. Inside mount blinds offer a cleaner more refined look. Outside mount blinds extend out away from the wall and therefore can be damaged easier as they are not protected by the window frame as inside mount blinds.
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