I am looking for a blind that will reduce noise considerably and one that will reflect heat in the summer. What would you suggest? I would also like the window shades to be cordless!

Although none of our window blinds or shades are specifically designed for sound control adding window shades to your windows will help reduce noise. The top window blinds or shades for insulation is our honeycomb cell shades. They are designed with a honeycomb fabric that traps air within the shades, creating an insulating barrier between your windows and your home.

Honeycomb shades come in various grades of insulation. Look for a double cell shade with a spun lace material for the best insulation. Our Comfortrack shades also add sidetracks to create an additional barrier between the sides of the window frames and the blinds.

Most of our honeycomb shades are also available with a cordless upgrade as well as a cordless top down bottom up making them very kid friendly blinds.

Shop online, do it yourself and save big on your window blinds purchase. If you have any questions just give us a call and we would be happy to assist you. Buy today and get free shipping on your order of noise dampening window blinds!
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