How much do windows blinds cost?
The cost of window blinds varies on several factors. Here are just a few.

Type of window covering
There are many choices when it comes to window treatments from the least expensive aluminum mini blinds to the more lasting, durable shutters. Each window treatment id designed to fit a specific need and budget. If you are just looking for the lowest cost blind, shop mini blinds or faux wood blinds. Some window treatments are designed with a function such as cellular shades which insulate well and lower energy bills. Choose the window treatment that fits your budget as well as your needs.

Size if the window treatment
Window blinds and shades are priced by their size. The larger the blinds, shades or shutters, the more expensive they become. This makes sense since large window coverings use more material. Window treatments are priced by either the square foot or on a price grid. Price grids are built with the price increasing every few inches. It is best to price your entire order when price matching as not all window blinds are priced on the same price grid formats.

Options and upgrades
Adding upgrades to a window blind will increase the cost. For instance, adding a cordless lift control, motorization, etc are all added features that cost money. Choose the upgrades you need or want and price the blinds with these options.

Choice of fabric or material
Different window shades will vary based on the fabric used to make them. Even though some window shades use the same components, some fabrics are more expensive than others which increases the price of the window shades. For instance our bamboo shades have product lines where the lift mechanisms, mounting hardware, etc are the same but they are grouped by the detail of the fabric. More detailed bamboo takes longer to weave, increasing the cost of the shades.

Wood blinds and faux wood blinds are similar. Some wood used is higher quality with better stains and paints. Faux wood comes in various grades of quality as well. Some wood grain colors are a solid color while others have a printed wood grain on the slats that look like real wood.

There are also material differences that are not as easy to see such as the amount of uv inhibitors used in a faux wood blind slat. This can effect the way a blind resists warping and color fade or yellowing.

Blinds Chalet offers many choices for window treatments and competitive prices. Shop online with free shipping, do it yourself and save big on the cost of your window blinds purchase.
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