I am interested in finding a top down bottom up blinds for a bathroom. Moisture and privacy are issues.
top down bottom up bathroom blinds
If you are looking for the best bathroom blinds you want something that will handle the moisture as well as provide privacy. We typically recommend faux wood blinds because they are made of synthetic materials that hold up well in wet areas. Faux wood blinds however do not come with the top down bottom up option.

If you also want the top down bottom up option we would suggest honeycomb cell shades. They are a fabric shade and will hold up in the moisture but as with any fabric they may over time get mold in very high moisture areas. This is really the only option for top down bottom up bathroom blinds.

We all know how important privacy is in the bathroom. The top down bottom up option allows the top portion of the cell shades to be lowered, letting light in while still providing privacy. Buy your top down bottom up bathroom blinds today!
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