I am looking for a blind or shade that is going to match my son's bedroom which is painted a Sherwin Williams color called "Swimming". It is a light blue. Do you have any suggestions?
Light Blue Shades
Light Blue Shades - Premier Cell Shades
We carry a wide selection of blue blinds and shades as well as draperies. Choose from various shades of blue blinds. We cannot help match a paint color as there are such a wide range that we cannot catalog them all. We do offer free samples of our blue blinds so you can match them to the paint sample.

When selecting blue blinds consider the look and functionality of the product you choose. We offer blue shades, blinds and draperies in the following:
  • Cellular shades
  • Roller Shades
  • Roman Shades
  • Aluminum mini blinds
  • Drapery panels
Your selection depends on your personal tastes and budget. Blue mini blinds would be the cheapest option. Blue cellular shades offer the most insulation and energy savings.

For light blue blinds, our largest selection of color choices would be cellular shades. Browse our custom cell shades or look at our blue window blinds page to see all the color options. Order free samples so you can see the color and the quality of the fabrics. Buy your blue blinds today!
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