What product of yours is most similar to Hunter Douglas duette architella?
We do not carry any brand name cell shades but many of our cell shades are made by companies owned by Hunter Douglas. The Hunter Douglas Duette Architella cell shade is a honeycomb shade with a second cell inside another honeycomb cell. This gives the cell shades an added insulation.

If you are looking for a honeycomb shade that offers superior insulation we highly recommend ComforTrack Shades. Double cell shades offer similar insulation with the fabric of a Duette Architella but a ComforTrack honeycomb shade has sidetracks specifically designed to block the heat loss and heat gain between your windows and the window frame. It's like zipping up a coat vs leaving it unzipped. A large portion of the heat can pass between these gaps and the ComforTrack shades block that, which means you save more money on energy bills.

ComforTrack shades as well as our private label version, the EnergyTrack Shades come in various fabrics, colors, pleat sizes, as well as transparency.

Shop from home and will ship for free direct to your home. Why pay more for Hunter Douglas? Measure yourself and save big!
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