Please, let me know what is the difference between Embassy 1" Mini Blinds and Metallic 1" Aluminum Mini Blinds? Are they both made from aluminum or plastic?
Both our Embassy 1" Mini Blinds and our Metallic 1" Mini Blinds are made from aluminum and are competitively priced. We do not carry a vinyl or plastic mini blind due to the quality. Metal mini blinds do not cost much more, last longer, and resist heat and warpage better than vinyl mini blinds which tend to warp easily.

There is no difference between our Embassy 1" Mini Blinds and our Metallic 1" Mini Blinds other than color selection. They are both made with the same high quality aluminum blind slats, headrail, and components. The Metallic 1" Mini Blinds cost slightly more due to the finish. They are made with metallic spec paints and colors while the Embassy 1" Mini Blinds are standard paints.

All of our mini blinds come with a lifetime warranty, quality made, and inexpensive. Choose from a wide selection of colors sure to match any decor. Buy your aluminum mini blinds today!
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