Which are your best home theater blinds? I want a window treatment that blocks the light as well as dampen the sound.
For home theater blinds you want a product that blocks the light from entering the room as well as insulate for sound control. Some possible choices are shutters, draperies, or blackout honeycomb cell shades. All three do an excellent job of light control as well as sound insulation.

Although there are many options for home theater blinds, we highly recommend the SlumberShades. SlumberShades are made with a blackout insulating honeycomb cell shade fabric. They also are designed with sidetracks built to block any light from passing between the shades and the window frame. What does all that mean? It means no other window blinds or shades will block more light. The SlumberShades are made specifically for light control. They are also made with insulating fabric which means they will dampen the sound.
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