What wood or faux wood blinds are available with no holes and a wand tilt? Looking at Express 2" blinds.
No holes privacy blinds are designed for added light control as well as privacy. Standard horizontal blinds have lift cords that run through routed holes in each window blind slat. No holes privacy are called "routeless blinds" because there is no routed hole and the lift cord runs along the back of the shades.

Most express blinds do not have any available upgrades or options. All of our other wood blinds are custom made allowing for tilt or wand controls as well as the routeless upgrade.

Because there are no routed holes in the blind slats, there are no cords to keep each blind slat in place. This means the slats can be removed for easy cleaning. This works fine for most applications but we do not recommend no holes privacy blinds on doors or near small children. The best application for no holes privacy blinds is inside mount blinds.
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