Are the ComforTrack cell shades for indoor use only or can they be installed outside? If suitable for outside could the side rails be screwed instead of using double sided tape?
Unfortunately ComforTrack cell shades are designed from inside use only and cannot be used outdoors. Very few window shades are rated for outside use and usually cost more.

Save money and energy with ComforTrack cell shades. ComforTrack shades are made with insulating honeycomb shade fabric and added side tracks to further insulate your windows. This added insulation means you loose less energy through your windows. The largest energy loss of a house is through the windows. The better your windows are insulated, the more money you save on costly energy bills.

ComforTrack shades are available in both light filtering and blackout fabrics. If you are looking for both energy saving blinds and want to block all the light, SlumberShades are the window shades you need. Slumber Shades, the ultimate blackout shades, are made with blackout fabric and light control sidetracks.

Whether you want to blackout a room or just add a shade that filters the light while still providing privacy, ComforTrack shades are sure to save you money on your energy bills.
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