I have been trying to order slumber shades for my bedroom but I am unclear with your site because any of the blinds if you choose top down bottom up suddenly the cordless option goes away but I need cordless because I have a baby and am planning to get licensed for child care.
SlumberShades are the ultimate blackout shades. Endorsed by the National Sleep Foundation, Slumber Shades create a dark, ideal sleeping environment. Made with insulating blackout cell shade fabric but unlike any other blackout cell shades, the SlumberShades have added sidetracks that block the light that can pass between the window shades and the window frame.

With SlumberShades as well as most of our cell shades in order to add cordless and top down bottom up rather than selecting both the cordless option and the top down bottom up upgrades you will need to select the cordless bottom up option.

Cordless SlumberShades are perfect for child care or anywhere pets and children are present. With no dangling cords, cordless blinds are child safe. Buy your Slumber Shades today!
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