Home Made Comfort: 6 Must Have Amenities for Your New Home

Jan 27 2014

Home Made ComfortBuilding a new home is an exciting time in your life. You finally have something that is completely yours and you can finally do anything you want to the space you're living in. However, there are a few amenities that every home needs to make it into the perfect living space.

A Relaxing Space

This can be anywhere in the house but there a few places you can create a completely unique and relaxing area. A small sitting area out in the yard is a great place if you live in a warmer climate. Find some outdoor furniture that's comfortable and appealing to the eye. Find a corner of your yard that would suit dense planting and find flowers that grow quickly and close together. Creating a small elevated area above the flowers and planting grass is the perfect place to hang a hammock or put a comfy lounge chair.

A Soaking Tub

A deep, expansive tub is great for many moods. An old fashioned claw foot has enough room for a good long soak without having your shoulders or feet get cold and it has a pleasing aesthetic appeal, especially if your bathroom is styled in a retro fashion with details like subway tiles and copper fixtures.

A Kitchen Island

If you have a family, you'll find that the kitchen island is a common gathering place for the family. On weeknights, kids will pile their homework while you cook dinner and on weekends, it allows plenty of room for cooking and baking collaborations. And if kids are too young or they have left the nest, the kitchen island is handy for entertaining. Guests can gather around sipping wine or nibbling on appetizers while their hosts prepare a sophisticated meal.

A Patio/Deck

Whether you're relaxing with a cup of coffee and the daily paper or having a family dinner on a warm summer's evening, a deck or patio can be an extension of your house. During the spring and summer, they can house a grill to keep from heating up the house with the oven. An outdoor kitchen, if possible, can be a replacement for the indoor kitchen so families can spend even more time outside in the warmer months.

A Butler's Pantry

Requesting a butler's pantry will make entertaining much easier on you down the road. A butler's pantry is a great way to tuck away features like a wine refrigerator, built in storage for china that's only used for special occasions, or a wet bar. While this isn't a common home amenity, using a high-quality home builder like Henry Walker guarantees home owners will have a unique feature in their custom home.

Convenience Sinks

If you have a particularly large family or entertain a lot, having some extra sinks around can make meal preparation much easier. A small sink that's used exclusively for washing produce can prevent food borne illnesses and keep messes contained to one area. Having a pasta arm over the stove is highly convenient when you don't want to carry giant pots of pasta water across the kitchen.

It's the small details that add up in home designing that help homeowners create a beautiful, functional, and comfortable space in which to reside.
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