The Power of Office Design in Employee Motivation

Jun 19 2012

Did you know that how your office looks can really change the way your employees feel about their work? A well-designed office and effectively chosen business art can help motivate employees to do their best and feel proud to work there. Poorly designed offices only lead to employee dissatisfaction and a poor worth ethic. Simply by changing the appearance of your office, you can help improve employee motivation in the following ways:

Good designs help employees believe in the company: An office makeover can really go a long way toward boosting employee morale. A well designed office shows employees that the company is proud of its work and appreciates its employees enough to give them a pleasant place in which to work. An ugly office communicates the exact opposite to employees, and subliminally communicates that employees do not have to put in their best effort for the company. A good office design can help motivate the employee to do their best for the company who is doing its best for them.

Good designs improve employee moods: No one wants to work at an ugly office everyday. An ugly office gives employees no reason to look forward to traveling to work each day. When employees do not look forward to returning to work, their moods are lowered throughout the day, which can lead to fighting and reduced work performance. A well-designed office can go a long way toward improving the overall morale of a company.

Good designs improve professionalism: Just as people tend to work better when they are dressed up, people also work better when they are in a beautiful environment. Beauty and good designs bring out the best in employees and encourage everyone to do their best. Employees are much more likely to act professionally in a professionally-designed space rather than an ugly space that is dilapidated and run-down.

Good designs reduce stress: Calming elements, such as gentle streams, soothing colors, and natural sunlight help to relieve the stress of the day naturally. Incorporating these soothing elements into office design will help prevent employees from accumulating too much stress throughout the work day. A good office design should have a calming effect on employees, rather than a harsh, stressful one. Traditional office designs with florescent lights and bleak decorations can raise stress levels, while a well-designed office can provide comfort to employees throughout the day.

Good designs improve comfort: Most companies do not spent a lot of time considering the comfort of employees. Office decorations and furniture are chosen based on affordability or functionality, rather than to give employees a comfortable environment to work in. This design mistake can have serious consequences in employee productivity. An office design should provide plenty of comfort for employees at their desks, in any lounge areas, and in meeting rooms to allow employees to focus on their work rather than how uncomfortable they are throughout the day.

Good designs spark creativity: Well-chosen office art and decorations can actually inspire the creativity of the employees working in that office. Truly creative designs move away from traditional choices, such as motivational posters and random pictures of landscapes. The best office designs incorporate elements of what the company actually does, such as decorating with shoes for a sneaker manufacturing company, or using innovative an unusual art designs that encourage employees to think outside the box.

Good designs bring in the best employees: When potential hires view a poor office design, they are turned off from working with the company and may choose to work elsewhere. A pleasing office design acts as an ambassador for your company showing potential employees that your company takes care of its employees. This can make the difference between hiring employees that are barely qualified for the position and employees that will offer the best results and performance in their jobs.

A company can communicate more than they imagine with the design styles and art pieces they choose for their offices. Ensure you send the right message to your employees and clients by choosing unique and inspiring designs that will motivate employees to do their best work everyday, even on Mondays and Fridays. With the correct implementation of office design, you may be surprised at how much better your office operates.

This guest post is from Andras Deak, a design, marketing and web development enthusiast. He currently represents Acrylicize, a UK based art consultancy agency designing cool offices for huge firms and sport teams.

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