Buying Cheap Blinds

Nov 8 2010

Thanksgiving is right around the corner, then come the winter holidays that usually mean tons of friends and relatives dropping by. Despite the excitement the holidays bring, it also means money is going to be spent. People want their homes to look good and one of the easiest ways to upgrade the look of a home is to install new window treatments or blinds.

Fortunately window treatments don’t have to cost a lot. There are plenty of cheap blinds to choose from. Here’s a few ways to find them:

1.    Shop for discounts. That may seem intuitive, but some people don’t associate discounts outside the holidays. In fact, there are companies that offer different discounts throughout the year. Do a search for ‘buy 3 get 1 free’ sales, as well as 30% off, or free shipping.
2.    When you look at different companies, you will most likely find well established on-line stores have better prices than smaller companies. On-line stores are able to save money by not paying for high priced rent on Main Street and they can pass their savings on to you.
3.    Look for a company where you can speak to a human being. This is critical if you realize you aren’t sure exactly what you need or how to measure your windows for your cheap blinds.

As of right now, the cheapest blinds I could find that come from quality manufacturers are:

•    Classic 2” Faux Wood Blinds offer a free cornice style valance upgrade. These blinds are inexpensive, yet look as good as real wood blinds. The color palette is neutral to match any interior, but can be dressed up with decorative tapes.
•    Summit 2” Wood Blinds are built with high-grade components and wood slats. Wood blinds look good in any work or home environment. They should come with a standard crown molding valance and cord tilt. The color options available include cherry, golden oak, mink wood, or white.  
•    Classic 1” Aluminum Mini Blinds earn the prize for cheap blinds. They cost under $20.00 a piece and can bring a finished feel to a home in either white or alabaster. They are easy to maintain and will last.

Taking the time to look around a little will ensure you get the best prices for the best quality window treatments on the market. Find an established company with a good reputation for service and style.

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