Guide to Choosing Window Treatments

Dec 8 2009

Nothing brightens up a home like new window treatments. The only problem is there are too many window treatment options to choose from. There are just tons of blinds out there. How can anyone ever decide between real wood and faux, between white and off white? Then you throw environmental blinds in the mix and you have a completely new slew of choices.

Let's start at the beginning with real vs. faux.

Real vs. Faux Wood Blinds
Choosing between the two comes down to functionality and location.

  • Real wood blinds are lighter so they are better for larger areas. They will be easier to turn and manipulate.

  • Faux wood blinds are great for high humidity areas. You need to choose these for areas that will come in contact with steam or water. (Real wood will warp and crack over time if exposed to high humidity.)

Choosing the Color

With over 25 colors available to choose from, it can be difficult to decide which one is the best.

  • When it comes to wood blinds, try to go with a stain that matches your existing décor. If you have dark wood, then go with the dark.

  • When you are looking into room darkening shades, think about the purpose. Are you trying to get the theater effect? Then you will want a dark shade. If you are trying to block out the sun but still enjoy the view, then try a more neutral color.
Environmental Choices
When you want to go environmentally friendly, you can have the same option but in an environmentally friendly version. If you play your cards right and purchase Blind Chalet’s ComforTrack Plus, you can qualify for a tax credit as well.
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