Do you have honeycomb shades that run in a track up and down on the sides?
We have some cellular products like our Comfortrack shades, Energytrack, and Slumbershades that have tracks on the sides. These tracks are designed for better insulation, privacy and light control. If you are looking for a window shade with tracks that is designed to be mounted on the ceiling try our skylight shades.

Sidetracks are added to a window blind for 3 reasons. Because they block the gap between the window frame and the shades they add additional privacy, reduce energy bills with added insulation and block more light.

ComforTrack shades are specifically designed for better insulation to reduce energy bills. EnergyTrack shades are our private label version of the Comfortex ComforTrack shades.

SlumberShades are the official window treatment of the National Sleep Foundation. Designed with blackout fabric as well as blackout side tracks to block all the light. These honeycomb shades are excellent for bedrooms, home theaters or any room you need dark.
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