What is a flush mount for blinds and what is the difference between flush mount and minimum mount?
Each window covering has a minimum required mounting depth and as well as a flush mount depth. The depth of the window frame is the distance between the front edge of the window frame and the window or any obstructions such as handles. This depth requirement will vary by product. For instance vertical blinds require more depth than cell shades.

Minimum mount refers the smallest window frame depth in which the blinds can be installed in the window. This depth allows the brackets to be installed with enough depth for the screws to hold in place.

With minimum mounting depth the window blinds will extend past the front edge of the window frame and the sides of the blinds will be visible or at least a portion of the sides. With flush mount blinds, the window blinds are completely within the window frame.

If your window frame is less than the minimum mounting depth required you will need to use an outside mount. This means you will need a window blind slightly larger than the window and will mount the blinds on the wall above the window.

Review the minimum mounting depth as well as the flush mount depth when selecting a window blind to ensure proper fit. Buy your window blinds today!
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