Do you carry thermal shades? I am looking for a window shade that insulates my windows so I can save energy.
Out best thermal blinds are the cellular shades, specifically the ComforTrack shades. ComforTrack and cellular shades are both made with the same honeycomb fabric that is designed for insulation. The honeycomb design of the fabric traps air, creating an insulating thermal layer on your windows. ComforTrack shades have added sidetracks that also blocks any heat loss or heat gain between the window shades and the window frame.

Any window blind or shade will add insulation to your windows. Other top thermal blinds include, roman shades, window shutters, and draperies.

Thermal blinds and shades are designed to insulate your windows and stop heat loss. The largest percentage of heat loss is through a homes window. Adding thermal blinds insulates your windows better, reducing your energy bills. If you are looking for thermal shades, shop no further than our honeycomb shades.
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