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Looking For Wood Blinds?
Wood blinds are great addition to any office or home. They bring unique warmth and comfort of natural timbre to your windows. They are the best window treatment to choose as they can easily complement any style of décor.

Blinds Chalet Offers Wood Blinds

At Blinds Chalet, we offer the highest quality wood blinds backed up with lifetime warranty and excellent craftsmanship.
Here are some of the features of our wood blinds and some of the optional upgrades you can choose from:
  • Crown Valance. Most of our wood blinds come with free “Cornice Style” valances that adds elegance to the blinds. The cornice valance is a crown molding valance that sits outside the window frame on inside mount blinds.
  • Routless Ladders. You can upgrade the wood blinds to come with routless ladder in order to add privacy and blockage.
  • Decorative Fabric Tapes. In case you choose traditional routed wood blinds, you may also choose to upgrade it with decorative tapes to cover the routed holes in each blind slat thereby adding privacy, light blockage and color accent.
  • 2 on 1 Headrail or 3 on 1 Headrail. The larger the wood blinds, the heavier they are. This is why we give you the option of having multiple wood blinds on a single headrail for easier lift and control.
  • Color. We offer various color selections on our wood blinds. You can choose from different whites (Bright White, Cream White, Pearl White, Crema, Vanilla, Latte, White, etc.) depending on the type of wood blinds. We also offer wood blinds in different shades of reds and browns (Cappucino, Nutmeg, Carmela, Mocha, Sumatra, Mahogany, Golden Oak, Sugar Maple, Roasted Pecan, etc.).

To find out more about our products and services, call us at 1-888-633-7840.

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