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Looking For Horizontal Fabric Shades?
Horizontal fabric shades are excellent window treatments for those of you who can hardly choose among venetian blinds, roman shades or pleated shades. This is because the horizontal fabric shades offer the style and functionality of all of these three window treatments. Not only that, they are also made from easy to clean fabric material making them the best choice of window treatment for homeowners with hectic schedules.

Blinds Chalet Offers Horizontal Fabric Shades

Blinds Chalet offers a wide array of window treatments. Among them are our horizontal fabric shades for those homeowners who aspire for elegance, functionality and privacy. Our horizontal fabric shades come in two selections:
  • Horizontal Fabric Shades in Solid Colors. We offer our horizontal fabric shades in hues of Aqua Green, Avocado, Bordeaux, Cocoa, Cotton, Graysheen, Jean Blue, Onion, Pink Flamingo, Pongee, Royal Purple, Sky Blue, Snow White, Stone Red, Tan and Wisteria.
  • Horizontal Fabric Shades in Print Colors. We also have printed color selections on our horizontal fabric shades. Enjoy them in hues of Cloth Aqua Green, Cloth Avocado, Cloth Cocoa, Cloth Jean, Cloth Light Gray, Cloth Pale Pink, Cloth Sand, Cloth Sky Blue, Cloth Vanilla, Cloth Wheat, Linen Aqua Green, Linen Avocado, Linen Cocoa, Linen Jean, Linen Light Gray, Linen Pale Pink, Linen Sand, Linen Sky Blue, Linen Vanilla and Linen Wheat.

Once you have chosen your desired color of horizontal fabric shades, you have to decide whether you will have it on an inside mount (fully fitted to your windows) or an outside mount (ensure these are no obstructions near your windows). You also have the option where you want the tilt control to be placed: right or left.

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