I'm deliberating between the Smart Privacy vs the Routeless blinds. Are there more problems with the Routeless as far as the slats coming out easily when opening/closing? I don't have to worry about children/pets around these. I like the idea of being able to take the blinds completely out for cleaning but if each time I open/close the blinds it will cause the slats to get out of line, then it doesn't make sense to go that route. Is there a recommendation from the consultants or customer feedback to give preference of one over the other?

Traditional routless blinds are designed so the cords run along the backside of the blind slats. Typically there is a small groove or notch for the cords to hold the slats in place. You are correct in that each individual slat can be removed by simply pulling them sideways. There is not an issue with the slats staying in place with inside mount blinds. For this reason, outside mount blinds on doors, areas where children or pets are present, we do not recommend a traditional routless blind.

Smart Privacy Slat BlindsThe Smart Privacy upgrade on our Privacy blinds as well as our Platinum Wood Blinds performs the same function as the routless upgrade. The difference is the Smart Privacy upgrade still has a small hole for the lift cord to run though each slat. Unlike traditional blind route holes, the Smart Privacy blinds hole is just large enough for the cord and is positioned at the back edge of the slats. This creates added privacy and light control just like a routless blind but holds the slats in position better.
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