Door Blinds for Patio Doors or French Doors

Whether you are looking for window blinds for french doors or a window covering for larger patio doors we got you covered!

Traditional window coverings for patio doors or large windows have been vertical door blinds. We offer a large selection of vertical door blinds as well as many alternative window treatments such as panel track blinds or our unique bamboo draperies.

Almost any window treatment can be used for french door blinds. Simply mount the blinds above the window on the door and attach hold downs at the bottom to keep them from swinging off the door when opening and closing. We recommend window blinds and panel track shades that are narrower so they do not protrude far off the door such as 1" wood blinds or cell shades.

Patio Door Blinds

patio door blinds
Top Sliding Glass Door Blinds:

Vertical Blinds
Aspen Faux Wood Vertical blinds
Legends 3 1/2" Smooth PVC Vertical Blinds
Smooth PVC Vertical Blinds

Vertical Blind Alternatives
Tavarua Bamboo Ring Drapery
Tavarua Bamboo Sliding Panels

French Door Blinds

french door blinds
Top French Door Blinds:

Cell Shades
Premier 9/16" Translucent Single Cell Shades
Deluxe 3/8" Translucent Double Cell Shades

Wood Blinds
1" Wood Blinds

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