Do you carry 1 3/8" wood blinds?
We do not carry 1 3/8" wood blinds but we do offer 1 inch wood blinds which are basically the same size wood blind slats. Our 1" wood blinds are made from 100% real basswood. They are excellent quality and come with a lifetime warranty.

One inch wood blinds are designed for shallow mount window frames as well as door blinds. Because the smaller wood blind slats of a 1 inch blind create less depth than a 2 inch or 2 1/2 inch blind they can be mounted inside window frames that are not as deep. They are also better suited to mount on doors because they protrude out less off the door into the room than larger slat blinds.

The disadvantages of the smaller slat 1" wood blinds are the cost as well as the look on larger windows. Because they have smaller wood blind slats they require more work assembling therefore they cost more money. Also they have more slats than a 2" wood blind would have. This creates a busier window, especially the larger they are.

At Blinds Chalet we offer wood blinds of all different slat sizes. Our most common and top selling wood blinds are the 2" wood blinds.
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