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Archive for April 2011

Light-blocking window shades may be necessary for easily disturbed sleepers to get a good night's rest.
Light-blocking window shades are one way to treat sleeplessness shown in study
Apr 28 2011

People who have trouble getting to sleep, or staying asleep without tossing and turning, may benefit from neuroscience research under way at Massachusetts General Hospital (MGH).

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There are many options to consider when decorating your modern kitchen.
Choosing window treatments for the modern kitchen
Apr 26 2011

Kitchen interior design has shifted away from the wood cabinets and linoleum floors of the past to feature sleek lines, dark hues and stainless steel appliances.

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Choosing the perfect window treatments in your sunroom means weighing privacy with light-filtering capabilities.
The right window treatments for sunrooms
Apr 21 2011

The best layout is to use window treatments that allow light to filter in and form a tight seal during the winter time, according to the Detroit Free Press.

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A home office must have a clear floor plan to be effective.
Home office needs clutter-free, functional floor plan to enhance productivity
Apr 7 2011

Portland, Oregon interior designer Angela Todd believes that the design of a home office can have an effect on the productivity, creativity and energy level of those who use it.

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Motorized blinds or shades can manage light easily from a skylight.
Skylight window treatments can be controlled by remote or electric switch
Apr 6 2011

Consumers have a choice of window coverings that are well-suited to skylights, but for the ease of adjusting the amount of sun that enters a room, a motorized window shade or blind can manage both light and window drafts.

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Today's kitchens are often multi-function rooms.
Window treatments can offset cabinetry in kitchen decor
Apr 5 2011

Setting up different "zones" within a kitchen can provide defined spaces for cooking activities, conversation spots or a place for bill-paying and homework.

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