Choice of shelving in bathrooms can be both functional and attractive

Jun 27 2011

Bathroom shelving can be freestanding or open shelves installed on a wall.
Bathroom shelving can be freestanding or open shelves installed on a wall.
In bathrooms that are short on storage for linens and toiletries, adding shelves in a variety of ways is an option that homeowners can use to solve this common dilemma.

Installing a free-standing, floor-to-ceiling unit with movable shelves provides flexibility in how items are to be stored as belongings kept in the bathroom may change.

According to, open shelves can take the form of a marble shelf along the tub or a series of glass "floating" shelves can be installed in a vertical or horizontal configuration. Such choices provide added storage space for towels, as well as items such as candles and bath oils that are both functional and attractive.

For bathrooms where space isn't an issue, wall shelving can be installed at both ends of a large tub or whirlpool, the website suggests. The design scheme will provide a cozier atmosphere in a large bathroom that otherwise may seem too sterile.

Mini blinds remain a popular choice for a bathroom window treatment because they are easy to clean, manage light and privacy well and are very affordable. They also come in a wide range of colors and finishes to suit any bath décor.
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