Woven shades can provide energy efficiency

Jun 29 2010

Woven shades can provide energy efficiency
Woven shades can provide energy efficiency
The home of a Northampton, Massachusetts couple sits among a relatively ordinary street, but it stands out among the rest of the houses because of an eco-friendly design and the way it blends into its surroundings, the Boston Globe reports.

Michael Cohen and Chia Collins's house is made of cedar and concrete and was created to match the heavily wooded area surrounding it. According to Collins, she could not be happier.

"We are in a wonderful, in-town location, and the street side of the house faces a great neighborhood. The back of the property, however, is all woodland. When you’re on our deck, you don’t see a neighbor in any direction. It’s completely private, almost as if we’re living in the trees," Collins told the source.

One of the features of their house is its considerable energy efficiency. The couple uses a natural ventilation system which allows heat to escape in the summer.

Although not all houses can be as energy efficient, hanging woven shades and keeping them drawn can be an easy way to reduce cooling costs. Woven shades, along with being aestheically pleasing can do a great job keeping energy costs low by keeping a room cool during the summer.
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