Going green and saving energy this summer

Jun 9 2011

Going green and saving energy this summer.
Going green and saving energy this summer.
While many people will be using their air conditioning full-blast for most of the summer, this puts a significant drain on the power grid as well as their wallets. Those who are committed to the sustainable lifestyle and want to keep cool this summer have a host of green options to help cut their energy usage.

Unnecessary heat that comes from lighting can drastically alter the temperature in your home. If you're still using incandescent light bulbs, a switch to LED fixtures will be a significant reduction in heat. In addition, they save more than half of the energy used by old-style bulbs, a difference you'll see in your utility bills.

During the day, having window blinds and shades drawn on your windows will effectively help to cool down your home. With a nearly limitless range of colors and styles, homeowners can pick and choose the perfect window covering to suit their interior design.

Aluminum mini blinds are a timeless style that's perfect for bedrooms and home offices. They can be custom-made to fit any window and offer a contemporary twist on your home furnishings.  
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