Shades can do more than dress up a window

May 25 2010

Shades can do more than dress up a window
Shades can do more than dress up a window
When decorating a room, window treatments may often be regarded as an afterthought. But, while some may think that shades merely dress up the windows, "they can do much more," design expert Colleen McNally told

According to the news source, different shades can be both functional and stylish. Roman shades are both decorative and useful. They block light and help to keep out the winter cold and the summer heat, while their strong aesthetic takes the place of draperies and curtains.

Lined shades can even help save on monthly energy bills as they help insulate rooms, keeping warm air out in the summer time, and holding it in the winter. These shades are a great investment for the upcoming summertime months. reports that certain shades are capable of reducing the intensity of the outside heat by anywhere from 50 to 90 percent.

When shopping for shades, homeowners should consider the fabrics and paint colors already used in the room, and pick a window treatment that will complement the pre-existing decor. Neutral-colored shades fit effortlessly into most decorating schemes, and will continue to look great as the seasons change.
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