Cool colors can really liven up your home

May 6 2011

Cool colors can really liven up your home
Cool colors can really liven up your home
When choosing a new paint color in your living space, oftentimes people opt for pale colors as a means of warming up the space. However, some shades can have the opposite effect and will instead feel like they are closing the room in. Making the best use of light with window blinds and shades and choosing an appropriate wall color will work wonders to improve your home for the spring, according to the Associated Press.

Gorder Burnham is a Los Angeles interior designer that has sifted through her fair share of paint swatches. She says that pale yellow is the mistake of many first-time designers, and it can really constrict your design choices.

"Somehow it closes it in or warms it [the room] too much," Burnham told the news outlet. "You want cool tones, like blue-greys and taupes that are shades of off-white with a little blue in them. It can really chill things out."

Some new window treatments could also help to make better use of natural light, so try the timeless qualities of roman shades. These can be found in countless colors and will add depth and texture to your living room.  
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