Get rid of those tired window treatments with warm spring styles

Apr 7 2011

Renew the look of your home with soft sheer shades for superior light filtering ability.
Renew the look of your home with soft sheer shades for superior light filtering ability.
Spring interior design trends are usually those that make great use of natural light and tend to lean towards bold, vibrant colors. This year, window treatments such as drapes, shades and sheers work beautifully in tandem with one another as an easy way to let in more light and give your home a unique aesthetic, according to Metro Canada.

"For longevity, blinds should be a similar color/tone as the window trims. If you have white window frames, then your blind should be white. For wooden trims, a neutral linen or pale brown tinged blind will work best," the news source reports.

Your window frames should inform your color choices, so go for a window blind or shade that will provide light filtering and insulation, and then you can let your draperies be the star of your space. Remember that draperies should never touch the floor, so allow them to hang a half-inch off the floor for a clean and tailored look.

For superior light filtering window treatments, try soft sheer shades. These window coverings will offer superior ambiance for your living space and can be custom-made in blackout varieties for increased privacy.  
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