Be safe when it comes to blinds with cords

Jun 24 2010

Be safe when it comes to blinds with cords
Be safe when it comes to blinds with cords
With June coming to a close, that also means it is the end of home saftey month. While the month may be almost over, taking the proper precautions to make sure one's house is safe is still crucial, reports the McAlester News-Capital.

According to the news source, 58,000 people a day are injured in their own home and most of these accidents can be prevented with an increase in diligence. Tripping and falling is the most common form of injury, so experts recommend making sure the floor is clean and free of clutter. Houses with children are particularly at risk for accidents and parents should take extra care in making their home safe.

While blinds and shades can add a decorative flair to the home, the cords can be dangerous to an inquisitive child. Cordless blinds are available and cords can also be tied up or hung out of the reach of children, experts say.

"We hope that people will spread the word about the importance of child safety when it comes to blinds and shades," says Chris Stanley of Blinds Chalet. "It's also important to remember that dangling cords are only a danger when they hang at levels where children can reach them."
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