Eclectic style avoids a matchy-matchy look within a room

Mar 14 2011

An eclectic mix of furnishings helps homeowners avoid a matchy-matchy look in a room.
An eclectic mix of furnishings helps homeowners avoid a matchy-matchy look in a room.
The mix of traditional and modern décor brought together in an eclectic decorating style succeeds best when homeowners have a good command of color, texture and finishes.

"An eclectic look is partly defined by the multitude of fabrics, whether they be patterned, textured or both. Choose a color scheme and stick with a neutral as your grounding force, and add to it with colored and textured solids and patterns," recommends

An eclectic approach is the best way to prevent the matchy-matchy look that too often develops when homeowners try to stick with one style, according to the website. Home decorators can choose to combine different ethnic styles, include an avant garde piece of furniture in the living room or combine kitschy items with antique furnishings.

Using a neutral backdrop will unite all the other elements of a room and ensure that they don't become lost in an overabundance of hues. Tying in the materials and finishes of the main furniture pieces is another way to avoid a look that loses focus.

The selection of window treatments can enhance an eclectic setting. Buying custom blinds online gives homeowners a wide choice of window coverings that can pull together the many features of an eclectically-designed room.
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