Summer calls for safe decorations in the baby's room

Jun 23 2010

Summer calls for decorations in the baby room
Summer calls for decorations in the baby room
The Reporter Online has recently found that there has been a surge in personalizing rooms for babies. Summer is the ideal time for redecorating a bedroom to suit your child's personality, because there are long daylight hours and it can be a fun activity that involves the family.

Renowned designer Mary Carol Garrity writes in the news outlet that parents should begin the project with a palette that will grow with their child. Primary colors work for babies, she says, but infants and children will enjoy more specific themes - like navy or sky blues, calm greens or deep reds.

Garrity also advises creative bedding ideas that can change with age. These are keys to a child's personality and they reflect on the room as a whole. Not only that, it can be easy to find toys and stuffed animals to complement a room if it has been designed with a specific feeling in mind.

Another crucial consideration is what to put on the windows - cordless windows are the best option, since cords can occasionally present a health hazard to infants and young children.

Roman and honeycomb cellular shades, as well as aluminum mini blinds, are all available in cordless models and in a variety of colors that can fit any room's theme.
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