Custom blinds can add to the new look in a master bedroom

Jan 26 2011

Moving around furniture in a master bedroom may provide more space.
Moving around furniture in a master bedroom may provide more space.
A lot can be accomplished in one weekend if a homeowner wants to develop a new look for the master bedroom.

According to Good Housekeeping magazine, the first step in any redecorating scheme, large or small, is to eliminate clutter and any decorative accessories that won't figure into the new plan. Clearing away excess furnishings allows a better view of the room's possibilities.

Some moves to achieving a new look are instantaneous. "A new duvet cover and matching shams can help create a whole new look, which means that going from graphic to girly, modern to classic, primary to pastel, can be accomplished in a snap," the magazine states.

Moving the main bedroom pieces - the bed, bureau and seating area – may open up some space that the homeowner didn't have in the former arrangement. Adding new hardware or lampshades are inexpensive ways to rejuvenate older furniture and light fixtures.

Adding a new window treatment can make the window a focal point of the room. New custom blinds can be matched in color to the bedding ensemble or kept neutral to coordinate with a variety of looks the homeowner may use to change with the seasons.
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