Custom blinds can help indecisive decorators

Jan 21 2011

Custom blinds can help indecisive decorators
Custom blinds can help indecisive decorators
Homeowners who are in the process of redecorating an old room may know the dilemma of indecision firsthand. However, The Providence Journal recently shared some pointers for individuals who are having a hard time making the first leap.

The biggest source of inspiration should be a homeowner's own personality - interests and hobbies can play a major role in creating the ideal atmosphere. Look at the closet and see what garments best reflect one's aesthetic preferences. Simple tones may mean neutral paint colors, while patterns may indicate that vibrant hues could be best.

Color consultant Debra Kling advises decorators to look at a room over the course of a few days as well.

"Observe the room over several days. You should especially like the color at the time of day, with the customary lighting, when you most often use the room," she told the news source.

Purchasing custom blinds online may be the most effective way of outfitting a room with the right choice of window treatments. Personally tailoring blinds can help make them complement a room in a beautiful and meaningful way.
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