Details, custom drapery can make a room luxurious

Jan 14 2011

Details, custom drapery can make a room luxurious
Details, custom drapery can make a room luxurious
Many homeowners may have a desire to make their house look a five-star hotel, but lack the funds to pursue this passion. Fortunately, The Detroit News recently shared some advice for those who are looking to create a luxurious atmosphere on a budget and the secret apparently lies in paying attention to the details of interior design.

Expert Jen Jordan recommends making a space echo with a resident's personality.

"Decorating with things that have meaning or stories behind them brings individuality to any space," she told the news source.

Then come the details. Instead of purchasing an entirely new light fixture, try to paint it in a vibrant, new color. One may also consider hanging fringe or beads from it. Used items can also be bought and similarly reinvented.

If one is in the mood to compromise, try investing in traditional pieces that may not be eccentric but still communicate a sense of relaxing luxury.

When it comes to window treatments, homeowners should take pains to find ones that suit a room's theme. Custom drapery is available in rich and unique patterns that can serve to enhance the overall appearance of a space while controlling natural daylight.
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