Warm up a home with honeycomb cellular shades

Dec 16 2010

Warm up a home with honeycomb cellular shades
Warm up a home with honeycomb cellular shades
As winter becomes a reality, homeowners may be scrambling to find the right way to deal with the cold weather. Furnishing a room can be a chance to make a home appear warmer, and Lawrence Journal-World suggests some touches that may play an important role in cozying up an abode for the season.

Texture should be a priority when one is preparing a room for the winter, according to interior designer Julie Adolph.

"Cozy's all about texture," she told the news provider. "If you don't understand what that means... think about a silk blouse as opposed to a sweater, then you see the difference immediately between cozy and texture and what texture means."

This means that accessories are integral to warming up a home. Throw pillows, blankets and soft rugs can work together to create a much more comfortable space during the colder months.

Locating drafty windows is another big step. Homeowners should use window treatments such as honeycomb cellular shades to block cold air that is coming into a room, because these shades can also add an aesthetic dimension to a space.
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