Custom drapery can help create a luxurious and unique feel

Dec 10 2010

Custom drapery can help create a luxurious and unique feel
Custom drapery can help create a luxurious and unique feel
When Melanie Coddington decided to settle into a turn-of-the-century Victorian cottage, she had to undo the damage of a 1906 earthquake and soften a stern, traditional demeanor. Three years later, she has created an atmosphere that she has coined "girly modern," according to The Seattle Post-Intelligencer.

In the living room, there are throw pillows lined with gold vinyl that rest comfortably atop a sofa upholstered in deep-gold velvet. One wall exhibits an impressive display of beaded-gold wallpaper that completes the timeless and noble look.

The master bedroom is located downstairs in the basement, where the silky, customized bed skirt is almost as beautiful as a wedding gown.

The bar is another one of Coddington's accomplishments, as she has created a modern-day recreational space with highball glasses and top-shelf bottles.

One of the quirkiest parts of the home is the crystal chandelier, which is confined to a built-in bookcase decorated with gold trim.

For those who are trying to experiment in creating their own luxurious homes, custom drapery may be the ideal choice. These window treatments are tailored to meet an individual's personal needs, so that one is able to design their dream house with just a few expert touches.
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