Make a home comfortable with custom drapery

Sep 27 2010

Make a home comfortable with custom drapery
Make a home comfortable with custom drapery
Comfort is often a top priority for many homeowners, but it can be difficult to incorporate luxurious elements into a fitting design scheme. Interior designer Wrenda Goodwyn recently wrote for The News-Press that there were some steps to take to balance comfort with class.

First, Goodwyn recommends that homeowners review all of their planned purchases and make sure that they will still like the piece in a few years. Buying high-quality, long-lasting furniture and accessories can be much better and more affordable than changing pieces every year.

Arranging personal collections and memorabilia in a tasteful and decorative manner is one simple way to take existing items and create a comfortable, ordered atmosphere in a home. Photographs in black or silver frames can have this effect for very minimal expenses, according to Goodwyn.

If one is hesitant to paint a room a bright, new color, shades of off-white can be just as effective. Homeowners can capitalize on this background by using small, colorful pillows, blankets and linens to add vibrant spots of interest to a room.

One way to create a focal point of lively patterns in a space is to hang custom drapery from the windows. These window treatments are available in many different varieties, and experts suggest that they can also increase the resale value of a home by adding a stately appearance.
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