Modern home can benefit from aluminum mini blinds

Sep 22 2010

Modern home can benefit from aluminum mini blinds
Modern home can benefit from aluminum mini blinds
A home in San Fransisco that was constructed with a variety of reclaimed, antique and new materials has been under renovation for the past 10 years and may still have even more to go, according to The New York Times.

Architect Andrew Dunbar lives in the home with his wife, Zoee Astrakhan, and the couple's two daughters, Anaïs and Miika. So far, the family has spent around $350,000 on the improvements.

"We didn't have the resources to simply walk in and finish the home overnight," Astrakhan told the newspaper. "So we had to sink in and interact with the house - really become comfortable with the environment."

One of the residence's most modern touches is on its 1,000-square-foot ground floor, where a 50-foot sliding wall separates work from play, by shielding the home from the office. Beyond the wall, there is a library, conference room and small kitchen.

Outside, past the floor, there is a garden with native grasses and bamboo, and the front windows of the office that face the streets are made from glass panes which were recovered from construction sites.

Any homeowner who is looking to prepare a home for a modern design scheme may want to consider hanging motorized aluminum mini blinds in their home. These window treatments can be drawn or raised with the flip of a switch and can also be a safer alternative for a household with young children.
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