Add color and personality to a contemporary home with pleated shades

Sep 14 2010

Add color and personality to a contemporary home with pleated shades
Add color and personality to a contemporary home with pleated shades
The Manila Bulletin reports that, while contemporary homes have become popular in recent years, too much emphasis on sleek, metal surfaces, neutral colors and uncluttered floors can leave a house feeling cold and uninviting.

Instead, homeowners should focus on setting up several more eccentric decorations to provide contrast in more modern abodes. This way, a room can be fashionable, yet intimate and cozy.

The news source suggests that a shaggy carpet or hardwood flooring can bring some dazzle to a room that would otherwise feel too sterile. These are easy furnishing to maintain and can serve as a welcome contrast to the chrome, glass and steel furniture of modern homes.

Rather than focusing on plush, over-sized furniture, individuals may want to focus on tasteful pieces with distinctive upholstery and throw pillows, which can provide any room with a splash of color.

Lighting is also important to distinguish the dimensions of the room. To add a little personality to the window treatments, try hanging pleated shades. Since these treatments are available in a variety of colors, they can provide notable points to any area and, since they fold into pleats, these shades can allow the maximum amount of light into a room, so the modern furniture can shine in the sunlight.
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