Wood blinds the best choice for light control

Sep 13 2010

Wood blinds the best choice for light control
Wood blinds the best choice for light control
Although the summer may be nearing a close, and the temperatures are not nearly as oppressive as they were just a few weeks ago, the importance of having stylish and functional window shades cannot be overlooked. While the correct window treatment is an important decision, many people may be unsure of what direction to take, however The Patriot Ledger reports there are several ways to make the choice easier.

The most crucial area to address before one decides what type of window treatment to use, is to determine what type of ambiance one is looking to achieve. According to the news source, homes that are aiming for a modern feel generally employ fabric shades for a sleek look.

For those who wish to control the amount of light that enters a room, the news outlet reports that horizontal wood blinds are among the most popular choices. In addition to being easy to adjust, industry insider Dan Macomber says that they also add a neat, clean look to an abode.

Though wood blinds may add a natural elegance to any room, they will lose their luster if they are not kept clean. The biggest threat to the blinds is dust and other allergens, so regular cleaning with a duster, soft bristle vacuum attachment or paintbrush is an effective way to keep them free of dirt.
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