Soft sheer shades can make a room appear bigger

Aug 27 2010

Soft sheer shades can make a room appear bigger
Soft sheer shades can make a room appear bigger
Homeowners who want to give their residence a feeling of spaciousness, especially for the expected chill of the coming months, may want to treat a room with a new perspective by applying a new coat of paint, according to the Las Vegas Review-Journal.

Ann Mcguire, a lead designer with the Beehive Studio, which specializes in interior decorative painting, claims that new shades of color can dramatically change the dimensions of a room.

"You don't have to spend a lot of money to transform the rooms in your home," she told the news source. "Select [colors] that make you feel happy... let your creativity come out and literally cover your walls."

One method that she suggests is to make use of reflective surfaces. These can include mirrors, metals and glass. By hanging these on the walls and taking advantage of natural light, individuals can create an illusion of depth.

An ideal way to allow the maximum amount of light into a home is to hang soft sheer shades over windows. These treatments filter light to a soft glow, reducing the glare of the sun but keeping the scenery outside visible.

With the use of well-placed mirrors or glass and soft sheer shades, the colors of the outdoors can be incorporated into a room's design.
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