Vertical shades can help remake a porch

Aug 20 2010

Vertical shades can help remake a porch
Vertical shades can help remake a porch
A family in Arlington, Virginia, had an outdoor porch but couldn't use it due to the overpowering sunlight that would shine on it all afternoon. This Old House reports that designer Brian McCracken helped construct a solution to this problem through a series of strategic developments. Blinds Chalet offers a more traditional outdoor shade as well.

The porch was given a fresh look with square columns and exposed beams, a traditional look that lent itself to the rest of the house's architecture. Experts claim that, when adding a porch to any home, it's important that the addition looks like it has always been there.

While McCracken also put a screen over the area, a railing runs around the perimeter, preventing kids or pets from causing wear and tear, according to the news source.

The ceiling of the porch was painted a light blue to keep the space open by reflecting the natural hue of the sky and blend seamlessly with the rest of the house.

Those who are looking to separate their own porch from the rest of the home, thus creating a warm, intimate space, may want to consider installing vertical blinds. This is an ideal window treatment for sliding glass doors that look out onto decks, patios or porches because they can create a divide between the sometimes hectic life of the indoors and the tranquility of the outdoors.
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