Green an office with bamboo woven shades

Aug 9 2010

Green an office with bamboo woven shades
Green an office with bamboo woven shades
Earthtalk, a feature in Environmental Magazine, recently ran a feature where advice was given to someone who wanted to make their office have less of an environmental impact. By following a list of easy steps, people can make their workplace greener.

Before beginning, the news source recommends using, which will help calculate the overall impact that an office has on the environment. This will also make an employee review the daily practices of the building.

The average office worker uses 10,000 sheets of copy paper every year and it's important to minimize this habit as much as possible by printing on both sides of each page and recycling. Whenever possible, e-mail or transfer data on a USB drive instead of printing.

Tap water is another important resource, comma and the news provider claims that the jugs of water that are transported to an office every week is an enormous waste of energy and material.

If an office is being renovated, try pushing for eco-friendly upgrades. These generally include non-toxic paints, natural fiber carpeting and window treatments that are made from sustainable material, such as woven bamboo shades.

These window treatments have all the beauty of premium shades, but have also been produced with bamboo, a fast-growing plant that is durable and renewable.
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