Blackout shades can cool down a room

Jul 26 2010

Blackout shades can cool down a room
Blackout shades can cool down a room
The heat waves during the recent weeks have forced families indoors and many have had to recalculate their energy budget due to extra use of air conditioning and fans. Some of these practices can be costly, both to a family and the environment.

International Business Times reports that there are several different ways to make a home eco-friendly, avoid the heat and save money in the process. One major factor is water - chiefly sprinklers and hoses.

The news source recommends setting lawn irrigation systems so that they go off early in the morning, since this is the time that grass hasn't been affected by the high temperatures of the day and it will absorb less water and grow stronger as a result.

Ventilation is another factor to consider in saving money. The news provider advises that homeowners check the insulation of attics, windows and doors. This can save a household up to 25 percent on an energy bill.

Blackout shades can effectively block out heat that would otherwise enter the room, as well as slow the fading of carpets and furniture. Roman, honeycomb and bamboo blackout shades are all available, so it's possible to decorate any home with window treatments that save money and the environment.

Experts claim that room darkening shades can also have a positive impact on sleeping patterns.
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